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Fantastic, I'm totally blown away by f+ !!


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    Sign up for Follow+, set your monthly subscription price, and start posting premium content for your followers!

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    Find Plusers you want to follow! A pluser can be anyone: celebrity, vlogger, journalist, anything you can think of!

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    Follow+ enables you to earn revenue for all your awesome posts! Daily payouts, straight into your bank account!

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Welcome to Follow +


Follow+ is a must-have upgrade for anyone using social media. We think it is important for people with premium social media skills to get premium advantages! Follow+ was developed to do just that. We want you to get paid for your content. Our platform allows anyone to benefit, it does not matter what your skill or trade is. We care about you and want you to produce great content for your followers and maximize the full potential of your social media adventures!

Once you are connected to Follow+, either through a Twitter account or e-mail address, you can charge your followers a monthly fee of whatever you choose. Only the content you choose to charge for is private. We call it "plusing", all you need to do is produce content your followers will love and we will handle the rest.

As we grow at Follow+, so will the amount of plusers, this can include anyone: authors, bloggers, fitness instructors, models, musicians, artists, comedians, educators, gurus, directors, actors/actresses, and even brands and products. The things that plusers have been giving away for free is now generating the revenue it deserves! Don't see your question? Email us! -

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Good question! Of course that depends on many factors, such as how much content you post and how great your fans are! But we can certainly help you see your potential earnings by using our simple calculator:

How many followers do you have on other social media sites?
How much will you charge per month for your Follow+ profile?
What percentage of your existing followers would pay that?
You’ll earn 18,000/month

*$18,072 per month is based on 753 followers paying $30 per month, at the 80% commission Follow+ pays you.


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Lindsey Leigh, CEO

Follow+ was founded on the following principles by its founder, Lindsey Buxton.


A quality which drives an entrepreneur to come up with new ideas. Ideas that are fresh, creative, responsive to the market, and tap into the desire to use existing technology to make things easier.


Finding sources of untapped market needs, creating Web pathways to success for its members and users, using a simple, consistent, and stable web platform.


Doing what you say you will do. Delivering on the promises to deliver new and exciting content to users and offering solutions, both economic and web technology, to creators of content.

Come join us as we create, integrate, explore, and find new avenues for web based entrepreneurs and the fans that follow them.

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